Easy farm management for everyone

  • Understanding how the plans work: When we say 'miners' here we mean active, running mining programs. One mining rig can have more than one running miner; a GPU and a CPU miner can both run at the same time on one rig, and that would be TWO running, active miners. miner.farm OS lets you set up multiple miners on each rig so you can easily switch between them, but we only count active, running miners, NOT stopped miners, or whole rigs. This allows you to pre-configure your rigs for maximum flexibility.

All features are available to ALL subscription levels

  • Realtime Graphing
    Easily spot trends and anomalies
  • SSL secured agent
    Encrypted connection to the server - no VPN or port forwards needed
  • Device Support
    Run USB ASIC and CPU miners alongside your GPUs in the same easy interface
  • Problem Logging
    See the problem history of your farm in detail
  • Remote Reboot
    Restart agents, miners, rigs from the website
  • Remote Miner Control
    Start, stop, and switch mining pools on your whole farm from the website
  • Farm Options
    Name your farm and make your farm view private
  • Email Notifications
    Stateful problem emails keep you informed immediately
  • Alert Profiles
    Customize the thresholds for problems on miners
  • Custom View Options
    Custom views to easily manage and view your farm as it grows
  • Config File Management
    Manage and push your miner configurations remotely
  • Farm Managers
    Team member access to help manage your operations