About miner.farm

Miner.farm is a web application that allows you to remotely monitor and manage Linux based cryptocurrency mining rigs from anywhere. It only requires a small agent to be installed on the mining rig; no changes to firewalls or mining configurations are necessary.

To get started using miner.farm with your own mining rigs, please see the Agent Guide.

To get support with using miner.farm, please see the Support Forum. Live chat support is provided by the dedicated PiMP Testing and Support Team.

If you need more information about this site or what it does, please feel free to contact us via email at info@miner.farm

Example Farms

The PIMP Mining OS comes preloaded with the miner.farm agent, and PIMP users get basic monitoring for their rig on the PIMP farm automatically, for free. This farm is a good example of a large farm with many agents.

Lily is the developer for miner.farm, and her standalone farm provides a good example of smaller farms.

Screen shots

Farm View is the agent focused view of your operations

Farm View

Farm View is the default view of your farm. It is agent focused, and provides an overview of the state and health of your operations in a single easy to read page.

Miner View shows you all of your miners details and controls in one page

Miner View

Miner View is the control panel for your miner. Runtime information, device performance history, pool activity, and mining controls are all found here.

Alert View is your first alert dashboard

Alert View

Alert View is your problem dashboard, with realtime reporting and history. Get immediate and relevant notification emails with the health of your farm. Tune alert profiles to your perormance and hardware parameters.

Pool View helps keeps your miners on task

Pool View

Pool View shows you all the details about where you are using your mining resources, and allows you to manange them more effecively.